Moulin Marcoux
21 September 2018
Pont-Rouge, QC
Moulin Marcoux

As an author-composer-performer who has gained recognition from the public, the media, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, the Innu icon Florent Vollant is very soon presenting a new album of original works in the Innu language, his fifth album in his career.

The approach is a deep research of the cultural roots of the First Nations as much of the terroir as of the contemporary cultural environment of the communities.

Building on the success of previous albums, especially the recent work PUAMUNA – unanimously acclaimed by critics – the present approach is part of the desire for exchange and universal reconciliation. This wants to translate into a quest for both traditional and contemporary sounds. We will have the pleasure of discovering the Tex-Mex side of the artist …

The writing of text also aims to share the experience of these communities and the desire for cultural safeguard both historically and linguistically.